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Membership in the AIA offers a vast pool of resources to help you compete in today's market and to keep you informed of critical, professional issues in order to help you succeed. We invite you to become an AIA member today. Please read below for the membership category that fits your career stage and licensure status.

Architect Member (AIA) 

If you are licensed to practice architecture in the United States, you are invited to be a part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA provides a voice for the architectural professional at every level of the government. AIA members may also join many committees and knowledge communities for in-depth information, services, and knowledge in your particular area(s) of practice.

One of the advantages of being a licensed architect member of the AIA is the ability to use AIA credentials, identifying you as part of the community of architecture. AIA members adhere to AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and are required to strengthen their knowledge of the profession through continuing education requirements. 

For Licensed Architects:

First, download your licensed architect application for membership. Please complete and fax or mail to the address below along with the following:

  • A check for the appropriate amount as determined by the table on the application form, payable to AIA (this covers your National, State and Local AIA dues through December 31, 2018), or MasterCard or VISA billing information for this amount. The continuing education requirement is 18 hours per year, including 12 hours in Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW). This requirement applies to all members in their second calendar year and thereafter.
  • A copy of your current architectural license.

Send to:
The American Institute of Architects
P.O. Box 64185
Baltimore, MD 21264-4185


AIA Member Emeritus

AIA Member Emeritus denotes an AIA member in good standing for 15 successive years who 1) has attained the age of 70 and 2) is fully retired from the profession or 3) is unable to continue working in the profession. Members' Emeritus receive the same benefits as AIA members but now have emeritus status without the customary membership fees.  Eligible AIA members can download the Architect to Emeritus form or Associate to Emeritus form.

Associate Member (Assoc. AIA)

Associate AIA membership is open to individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Recent graduate with a degree in architecture, or 
  • Currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working towards licensure, or 
  • Currently work under the supervision of an architect who holds a degree in architecture, or 
  • Faculty member in a university program in architecture.

As the emerging leaders for the profession, Associate Members are encouraged to join AIA to expand their networks and knowledge about the practice of architecture. As a special incentive to associates, AIA National and AIACC offers a sliding scale membership rate for recent graduates (new graduates join at no cost) and a discount on local membership for first and second year associates.  Call our chapter office at (626) 796-7601 to confirm exact rates depending on your status/year and to obtain an application for membership.

For Associate Members (Recent Graduates and Non-Licensed Professionals):
Please download your Associate Member application. Please fill out completely and fax or mail to the address shown, along with the following:

  • A check for the appropriate amount as determined by the table on the application form, payable to AIA (this covers your National, State and Local AIA dues through December 31, 2017), or MasterCard or VISA billing information for this amount

Send to:
The American Institute of Architects
P.O. Box 64185
Baltimore, MD 21264-4185

Additionally, for Associates who have completed and passed their exams, please complete the form to elevate you from Associate to Architect.

Recent Graduates Complimentary Membership Offer
The AIA National component and California Council extend a special offer to individuals who have graduated with a degree in Architecture from an NAAB accredited school of Architecture. You must provide a copy of your diploma. This offer provides qualified individuals up to 18 months of free Associate Membership in the AIA.

If the above applies to you, please Recent Graduate Application.

Find out if your program is NAAB accredited.

You may also qualify and apply for the recent graduate membership if you graduated from a Non-NAAB accredited school. Get the form HERE.

Chapter Transfer Request

Would you like to transfer your membership to AIAPF? At the written request of a member, the Institute shall transfer the member's assignment from one chapter to another provided that the transferring member either lives or works within the territory of the new chapter. Download the Transfer Request Form here.  For transfer queries,


Dues Installment Program

For information on paying your dues in installments, download this FAQ. Please also read about the dues installment policies. You have the option to make payments over time, see the Due installment form

Dues Adjustment Request

Are you facing financial hardship and unemployment/partial employment? Apply for a waiver to cover one year. This waiver may be granted for several consecutive years. Medical disability, sabbatical, and family leave waivers are annual and renewable upon request for up to a total of four consecutive years. Please download the dues adjustment request form to take advantage of this program.


Are you no longer receiving benefits?

Has your membership lapsed? Lapsed architect members no longer have the right to use the AIA or Associate AIA designations.  If you are a past member, we would love to have you back. Contact Membership Services at or (626) 796-7601.


For Affiliate Members (Non-Architectural Professionals):

See the Affiliate Membership page for detailed information. 


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