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Membership - Internship Development Program
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Intern Development Program - IDP

For the most up-to-date information on IDP requirements, please see the links below.

Completion of IDP is required of all new candidates for licensure.

EPC – Emerging Professional’s Companion –

  • Besides logging hours in IDP, one can also gain credit by using the EPC.
  • Created in 2005 with input from a cross section of the architectural profession, it creates opportunities to earn IDP credit through supplemental case studies related to IDP training areas and activities. 
  • Reporting Address for IDP credit:

CIDP – Comprehensive Intern Development Program - 

  • Required of new IDP participants as of 2005, administered and required by the California Architects Board.
  • Requires supplemental documentation of activities completed during IDP unit learning experience, most of which, besides the written narratives, should be produced in the process of completing the work.
  • A detailed outline specifies the actual documentation required in each IDP area.
  • The intern and supervisor sign CIDP Evidence Verification Form when the required evidence is produced and this form is submitted to CAB.
  • CIDP Handbook:

 California Architects Board Suspends CIDP Requirement for Licensure – 6/17/11!

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