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Find An Architect - What Architects Do
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What Do Architects Do?

There are many services an architect can provide to help move your project to successful completion. Everyone knows that an architect can design an aesthetically pleasing and functionally correct building, but the following is a partial list of other services an architect can also provide:

  • Establish overall scope of project
  • Set design parameters
  • Optimize client priorities
  • Create and Explore multiple design concepts
  • Develop 3-D images and explore spacial qualities
  • Set design and construction schedule(s)
  • Determine and control costs
  • Develop details to complement the design
  • Explore and analyze alternate materials and construction methods
  • Research products
  • Evaluate bids and costs
  • Advise client on options
  • Coordinate essential construction information
  • Audit requests for payment and change orders
  • Assure complience of construction with plans
  • Mediate problems and conflicts
  • Interpret construction documents

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