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This presentation will provide an understanding of how walls and ceilings behave in large earthquakes, why historic requirements and practice is inadequate, and what can be done to make people centric areas more resilient. Stay tuned for more info!



Established in 1971 to honor our first woman Chapter President, the scholarships are awarded annually to two students: one a Community College student and one a University student, in recognition of their dedication, enthusiasm, and ability in the field of architecture. See how you can contribute to this worthy fund. LEARN MORE

Congratulations 2019 Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship Winners

Fall 2019 Recipient

Abriannah Aiken

4th Year Bachelor of Architecture Student at USC

Abriannah’s Testimonial: Winning the Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship is going to make a huge difference in my life and more specifically in my education. It is an honor to be recognized by the AIA-Pasadena Foothills Chapter, especially with an award commemorating their first female chapter president. Receiving this scholarship will ensure that I can follow in Jean Roth Driskel's footsteps to be an empowered female architect and impact the field of architecture in a significant way! Winning this scholarship lessens the burden that paying for college has on me; currently, I am paying for college primarily on my own and have two jobs on campus apart from my full course load. This award will help me with the expenses of college and more specifically in my architectural studio! Similarly, it will also allow me the ability to work towards funding the rest of my ARE exams so I can become licensed! Receiving this scholarship broadens my horizons and allows me the ability to thrive as a student and a future architect and I am so honored to be given this opportunity to do so!


Spring 2019 Recipient

Emilio Bustos Jr.

Graduate of East Los Angeles College 2019

Now attending Sci-Arc, Bachelor of Architecture

Emilio Bustos Jr.’s Testimonial: I am truly honored to have been selected as the winner of the 2019 Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship. It has been a privilege to partake in this amazing competition and I am very grateful for the immense help the scholarship has had toward my academic studies. As architecture students we all know the constant expenses that come with pursuing an architectural education and scholarships like the AIA/JRD can be an immense help for those in need like myself. In the future I hope to partake in this event but in the role of the donor as to someday help those in my position. Once again thank you for assisting with my exploration of architecture and design through this wonderful scholarship.



SAVE THE DATE CarbonPositive'20 International Conference and Expo 2/24-26, 2020

The world will construct a staggering 230 billion square meters (2.5 trillion square feet) of buildings over the next four decades, an area equal to the current worldwide building stock or the equivalent of adding an entire New York City to the planet every 34 days for the next 40 years.

The Conference will explore designing cities and buildings that use sustainable resources, generate a surplus of renewable energy, and convert atmospheric carbon into durable materials and products. By presenting leading-edge knowledge and breakthrough technologies, strategies, planning and design tools, and bringing together key policymakers, planners, architects, engineers, product manufacturers,
and innovators, we can make carbon positive built environments a reality.

CarbonPositive’20 will put you directly in the driver’s seat to accelerate our transition to a carbon positive future. Join leaders and innovators from around the world at this three-day conference and leave with the passion and capacity to shape the future!

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