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Chapter History

In 1948, nine tenacious charter architects broke off from the Southern California Chapter of AIA to become incorporated and subsequently granted a charter at the 80th AIA National Convention in Salt Lake City on June 25, 1948.  World War II had been over for three years and Southern California was a place of exuberance, expansion and what seemed to be limitless possibilities. The first "freeway" in the country, The Pasadena, was nearly complete and sleepy towns amid fragrant orange groves were resounding to the echo of hammers, saws and an accelerated communal heartbeat. The population was burgeoning and the architects and builders of Southern California were responding to an unprecedented building boom.

With a proclaimed focus on service and the goal of "handling problems in zoning, civic buildings [and] schools" the Chapter began its existence. Since then, this Chapter has consistently honored these early goals by continuing to:

  • Honor our own with Design Awards for the best architectural design accomplished by AIAPF members. 
  • Sponsor community service programs in support of the schools in our Communities.
  • Sponsor members as Fellows, FAIA, in recognition of outstanding service to the profession and the Community. 
  • Honor architectural students for significant and creative student work and foster close relationships with architecture schools.
  • Award student scholarships in the name of Jean Roth Driskel, FAIA. (Ms Driskel began her practice in Pasadena in 1949 and was influential throughout the State in affairs of the profession and particularly in the development of the role of the woman architect. Her legacy lives on in the scholarship founded in her name.)
  • Create effective avenues of public outreach by fostering a network of connections among the AIA and industry, business and potential client referrals 
  • Participate in civic partnerships through participation in workshops and task forces organized to address planning and design issues
  • Present programs, seminars and workshops on topics that advance the knowledge and skills of our members
  • Be recognized by AIA California’s Academy of Emerging Professionals for the development of superb programming and fostering the highest qualities of leadership within the emerging professional membership
  • The Chapter continues to honor its mandated responsibility to our members, the community, the profession and to nurturing the architects of the future. This commitment continues to forge the future trajectory of this dynamic group of architects.

Past Chapter Presidents

1948 Breo Freeman AIA
1949 Robert Ainsworth AIA
1950 Burton Romberger FAIA
1951 Culver Heaton FAIA
1952 Scott Quinton AIA
1953 Robert Langdon, Jr AIA
1954 Wallace Bonsall FAIA
1955 Henry Burge FAIA
1956 William Taylor AIA
1957 Lee Kline AIA
1958 H. Douglas Byles AIA
1959 Edward Davies AIA
1960 Donald Neptune FAIA
1961 Roland Russell AIA
1962 Robert Tryon AIA
1963 Kenneth Gordon AIA
1964 Boyd Georgi AIA
1965 John Kewell AIA
1966 Lyman Ennis AIA
1967 Joseph Thomas FAIA
1968 Jean Roth Driskel FAIA
1969 Burdette Pulver, Jr. AIA
1970 Robert Gordon AIA
1971 Chancy Lott AIA
1972 Richard Rose AIA
1973 William Abbot AIA
1974 Ronald Aday AIA
1975 James Westphall AIA
1976 Harlan Pederson AIA
1977 Russell Hobbs AIA
1978 Wallace Haas, Jr. FAIA
1979 Herb Zuidema AIA
1980 Inge Rose AIA
1981 Anton Johs AIA
1982 W.H. Griest, Jr. AIA
1983 Peter Kudrave AIA
1984 Carl Gaede AIA

1985 Richard Panos AIA

1986 Richard Hennessy AIA
1987 John Grist AIA
1988 Doug Mooradian AIA
1989 Charles Walton AIA
1990 Roger Cocke AIA
1991 Scott Gaudineer AIA
1992 Thomas Zartl AIA
1993 John Tegtmeyer AIA
1994 Bill Wolpert AIA
1995 Brian Cravens AIA
1996 Michael Shea AIA
1997 Adolfo Miralles FAIA
1998 Robert Tyler AIA
1999 Christopher Mehren AIA
2000 Laurie Barlow AIA
2001 Ken Long AIA
2002 Ara Zenobians AIA
2003 Fred Wesley AIA
2004 John Miller AIA
2005 Richard Bliven AIA
2005 Barton Anderson AIA
2006 Veronica West AIA
2007 J. Guadalupe Flores AIA
2008 Joe Catalano AIA
2009 Mark Gangi AIA
2010 Richard McCann FAIA
2011 John Luttrell AIA
2012 Fariba Shantiyai AIA
2013 Alek Zarifian AIA
2014 Nazanin Zarkesh AIA
2015 Mitchell Sawasy AIA
2016 Michelle Acosta AIA
2017 Harry Drake AIA
2018 Carol Lanham AIA
2019 Jay Zapata AIA
2020 Varoujan Movsesian AIA
2021 Charles T. Bryant AIA

2022 Winston Thorne AIA

2023 Rachel Adams AIA

College of Fellows (COF)

The College of Fellows (COF) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), founded in 1952, is composed of members of the Institute who are elected to Fellowship by a jury of their peers. Fellowship is one of the highest honors the AIA can bestow upon a member. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual but also elevates before the public and the profession those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society.

The purpose of the College of Fellows is to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, to promote purposes of the Institute, to advance the profession of architecture and to be of ever-increasing service to society.

For additional information on the FAIA credential, AIA Fellowship, and the College of Fellows, refer to the AIA National Website.

Pasadena and Foothill AIA boasts more than 25 FAIA’s within our Chapter roles since our founding in 1948. The Nominating committee is Lance Bird, FAIA and Mark Gangi, FAIA.

AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter Fellows

Lance Bird, FAIA
Wallace C. Bonsall, FAIA
Conrad Buff III, FAIA*
Michael Burch, FAIA
Henry Charles Burge, FAIA*
Gaylaird Christopher, FAIA
Jean Roth Driskel, FAIA*
Douglas S. Ewing, FAIA
David Jay Flood, FAIA
Mark Gangi, FAIA
Raymond Girvigian, FAIA*
Armando Gonzalez, FAIA
Wallace L. Hass, Jr., FAIA
Culver Heaton, FAIA*
Donald C. Hensman, FAIA*

Lee B. Kline, FAIA
R. Steven Lewis, FAIA
Richard McCann, FAIA
Adolfo Miralles, FAIA
Donald E. Neptune, FAIA*
Kimon Onuma, FAIA
Maris Peika, FAIA
Richard (Toby) Pugh, FAIA
Burton Romberger, FAIA*
Vijay Sehgal, FAIA
James Spencer, FAIA
Patrick Sullivan, FAIA*
Joseph F. Thomas, FAIA*
Alek Zarifian, FAIA
Raymond Ziegler, FAIA*
* Deceased


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