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   Scholarship Fundraising Committee

   2023 Annual Report 

Kevin Bui, Driskel Scholar, Luna Terrace, Transformative Project, Transferring from Mt Sac to Woodbury, 2026 B. Arch.


Year in Review

We celebrate a remarkable year, doubling the number of scholarships to four, and raising over $85,000 in 2023. The following Annual Report includes:

  • Section 1 - An introduction to the 2023 Driskel Scholars: two students at universities, and two community college students transferring into universities.
  • Section 2 – Internships – Great success with JRD Scholarship recipients - 2022 Driskel Scholar Ruby Pedrazzetti at Flewelling & Moody Architecture and 2021 Nominee Mary Yesayan at Tyler + Kelly Architecture
  • Section 3 - 2023 Financial Report
  • Section 4 - Donors
  • Section 5 - Scholarship Committees

What’s Next

Based on our growing scholarship fund, we are happy to announce six scholarships will be awarded in 2024, three for university students, and three for community college students accepted into a university professional degree program. The total value is $42,000, up 14 times from $3,000 in 2019!

Internships – We will share firm contact information for those firms offering summer internships with our eighteen Driskel Nominees and Scholars.

Planned Giving – We continue to provide useful information for our members on estate planning, naming the Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship as a recipient. Our fund administrator California Community Foundation provides excellent professional advice to those interested. "If you think planned giving is too complicated, just do this:  Add the J. R. Driskel Scholarship Fund of the California Community Foundation as a secondary beneficiary for $ 5,000 or $ 10,000. Just write it in on the preferences for your IRA or 401K plan administrator. Let us know if you did this and we will give you credit now while you pay later!"  -- John Tegtmeyer

Awards Celebration – In 2024, a special awards event is planned by AIA Pasadena-Foothill Chapter recognizing and celebrating the scholarship awardees and their remarkable achievements. 


Section 1 – Driskel Scholars

University Scholarship Winners

Our 2023 Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship University winners are Kay Wright, UCLA, 2025 M. Arch. candidate winning the $9,500 First Prize and Ian Fennimore, SCI-Arc, 2025 B. Arch. candidate winning the $7,000 Second Prize. The ten architectural students competing this year represent Cal Poly Pomona, SCI-Arc, UCLA, USC, and Woodbury. The two students nominated by each college are diverse – 7 women, 3 men: 5 minorities, 5 immigrants. Six are in B. Arch programs, four are in M. Arch. programs.

First Prize – Kay Wright, UCLA, 2025 M. Arch.

Born in Japan, raised in Michigan, Kay has a diverse cultural background. She was drawn to LA by the many opportunities the city and UCLA offers. “Architecture supports my passion for craftsmanship, technology, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary research.” At UCLA, she is the cityLAB Graduate Research Fellow, in UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design think tank, where she supports research projects related to micro-urbanism, urban narratives, and housing. Kay is a managing editor of POOL, the Department’s student magazine, and currently works two jobs. The scholarship will help Kay explore her interests in buildings and engagement - and contribute to the teamwork at cityLAB. 

Second Prize – Ian Fennimore, SCI-Arc, 2024 M. Arch.

The JRD Scholarship will diminish the financial challenges he faces, as he begins the “9-month sprint of the Graduate Thesis…consisting of some of the largest projects in architecture school.” Ian hopes to teach. “I have always found teaching to be very fulfilling and think it is an important way of developing ideas through architecture.” He is an assistant teacher for first year M. Arch students at SCI-Arc.

Meat House in Hernan Diaz Alonso studio 

Community College-Transferring to University Scholarship Winners

Of the six students competing this year, four are transferring to Woodbury University in the B. of Architecture program. East LA College was not represented this year.  All candidates also hold outside jobs. Coincidentally, both winners are immigrants. Winning the scholarship reduces financial stress and enables the student to limit work during the school year. It’s unusual that just one of the nominees is a woman. She got the top prize. 

First Prize – Mania Minasvand, transferring from GCC to Woodbury, 2026 B. Arch. 

Mania Minasvand has been awarded the 2023 Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship first prize of $9,500. She begins her professional B. of Architecture program as a third year student in the Fall at Woodbury University. Jurors were impressed by the exceptional clarity of her design process and mature architectural solutions. Since 2020, Mania has competed in numerous design competitions and was awarded a 2023 Widom Scholarship.  This is just the second year Glendale CC has competed for the prize. Look out for future talent from Glendale CC.

“I am lucky to be employed in an architectural firm using Revit and learning about the profession in the real world…This scholarship is important to me because I can't work full time, and I need to dedicate time to my education, get the degree, and pursue my future career goals…This scholarship will help me financially for the degree.”

Second Prize – Kevin Bui, transferring from Mt Sac to Woodbury, 2026 B. Arch. 

Kevin Bui has won the 2023 Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship second prize of $7,000. Kevin is in a dual major – Architecture and Design Computation & Computer Science. 

“I chose to pursue a degree in architecture and design computation & computer science because I strongly believe that architecture can and should have a symbiotic relationship with digital technology. Coding and scripting can be used in tandem with architecture to help develop and create projects that will meet the demands of the modern world.”

Section 2 – Internships

Consider hiring one of the Driskel Nominees/Awardees for a summer internship. They are the best-of-the-best, nominated by their school faculty for the prestigious JRD scholarships. What better way to introduce students to the real world, and help them financially, while infusing your firm with the energy and talent of top aspiring architects from our local architecture schools.  Some great reports from our Chapter members follow:  

“Ruby Pedrazzetti joined us as a summer intern in 2023. She was awarded the JRD scholarship in early 2023. She has continued her internship at F&M on a part-time basis as she completes her 5th year at Woodbury. She has worked side by side with our staff on multiple projects, including creating DD and construction documents. In addition to her “can do attitude” we have appreciated her design talents. She will be attending the Design Awards event. And just today she had to leave early as she is receiving an award from Woodbury-- some sort of acknowledgment by the faculty. On top of that she is the Chair of the architecture student council. We have a great intern!”

Scott Gaudineer, AIA, Flewelling & Moody

“Mary Yesayan interned with TKA in 2022-23 while completing her studies and started full time with us after graduating in May ’23. She was a 2021 JRD nominee from Cal Poly Pomona (but not an awardee). She came to TKA with a working knowledge of the software platforms that many of us use, including Office, Revit, and several rendering programs. She continues to be an outstanding employee and her professional skills are progressing well.”

Rob Tyler, AIA, Tyler + Kelly Architecture

Section 3 – 2023 Financials 

  • Section 4 – Donors

    Without donors, we wouldn’t have scholarships. Late 2019 we began to report the critical need architectural students have for financial assistance. Young, talented students are choosing other career paths due to the substantial cost for a professional architectural degree, and other well-known facts. One national college report named architecture as the most difficult major. Once graduating, starting salaries are modest. The average age for licensure is thirty-three. Understanding this critical need, both AIA members and consultants, contractors, developers, and friends have come forth to give generously. 

    Major donors deserve special attention. Their donations quickly move the needle. Special recognition and appreciation for the following 2023 major donors:

    Corporations and individuals

    • ·         Robert and Shirley Yu Charitable Foundation
    • ·         Adept
    • ·         P2S Inc
    • ·         XIA Structural Engineers

    AIA Members (*indicates “Challenge Matches”)

    • ·         Chang Family Charitable Fund*
    • ·         Douglas and Margaret Ewing
    • ·         Scott and Leslie Gaudineer*
    • ·         John and Pamela Tegtmeyer*
    • ·         Tom Zartl*

    It was Scott Gaudineer that started the challenge match program for the Jean Roth Driskel Scholarships. He has continued challenge matches a couple times each year, encouraging others to do the same, and inspiring many donors to give now, so their donation would be doubled. 

    See below for a list of our treasured donors from 2022 to the present.

  • Section 5 - Scholarship Committees

    Scholarship Committee

    • ·         Kenneth R. Long, AIA – Chair ·    Veronica West, AIA    ·   Thomas Zartl, AIA   ·    Ara Zenobians, AIA

    Scholarship Fundraising Committee

    • ·         Hazim Rabadi, AIA – Chair   ·   Rob Tyler, AIA – Vice Chair   ·     Lance Bird, FAIA   ·    Adele Chang, AIA   ·    Kevin O’Brien, AIA   ·      John Tegtmeyer, AIA – Planned Giving
  • --- Lance Bird, FAIA, Scholarship Fundraising Committee

Special thanks to our donors who make this possible 


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